Police Use Bluetooth Devices to Curb Crime

Now, state-of-the-art mobile phone technology would be used in the crime reduction efforts; Lancashire police will use this technology to pass crime prevention messages to the local residents of the area.

The police community support officers in Lancashire will now carry Bluetooth boxes that will contain crime prevention advice and other alerts on their patrol and would send relevant messages to the Bluetooth-enabled devices that they detect within a range of 100 meters.

The Bluetooth users in the range will then receive a notification stating that the Lancashire police are trying to make contact with them and can then accept the request if they wish to.

Just last week, almost three thousand people accepted a message about drugs awareness information from the police.

The messages could also include information about missing persons' appeals with picture and description, free home fire safety checks and smoke alarms, and local PACT meetings.

A similar system was earlier used by the Merseyside Police while investigating the murder case of Rhys Jones to send out witness appeals.

In Lancashire, the scheme is currently being tried out in the Pennine Division, and if successful, it would be rolled out across the county.