Woolworths to Stop Selling CD Singles

Woolworths, one of the biggest retail chains in the UK, has decided that it will stop selling CD singles.

This decision is said to have been the result of the plummeting sales of CDs as compared to the online music downloads.

With the advent of online music stores such as iTunes, people now find it more convenient to download their favourite songs on their computers or phones; they no longer want to go to a physical store, walk up an aisle, search for the CD of their favourite song, and check out with; why spend about half an hour doing something that takes only a few seconds online.

This increasing trend favouring online music downloads is evident from the nationwide sales figures for the year 2007, according to which, only 8 million CD singles were sold in the year as compared to 72.6 million music downloads.

In fact, the best year for CD sales was 1999, when there were 78 million CDs sold in the UK that year; since then, CD sales have consistently declined due to the increasing popularity of online music stores.

Keeping these statistics in mind, Woolworths announced that come August, it will no longer sell CD singles with the exception of one-off releases such as the X-Factor winner, which still sell several hundred thousand copies.