Google App Engine is finally accessible

Web developers will no longer have to wait for creating their different web applications with the search engine giant, Google, as the latter announces the opening of Google App Engine for the purpose.

Google App will enable its users to build the web applications which are at par with those of Google's own standards.

The online application forms are easily available from 28th May and its a definite relief for the large number of users waiting to sign up since last six weeks.

Google also disclosed the price tag for buying the extra computing resources compatible with Google App Engine.

Initially it is free of charge, however it is expected to be a paid service by the end of this year over and above 500MB.

Google App Engine also announces a couple of new APIs to boost its usage levels.

The two new APIs include- an image manipulation API, which helps in rotating and cropping of images and the second one is memcache API, which speeds up the page rendering for its users.