McAfee aims smaller acquisitions to achieve growth target

In a recent interview he gave to Reuters, McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt said that his organization is looking forward to acquisition deals not beyond $350-million.

Dave maintained that the company needn't to itself involve into large scale acquisitions in order to achieve its revenue growth targets for 2008-09.

He also put forward the strategic significance of acquisitions and partnering in the comprehensive growth of the company.

The recent slump in the U.S. economy hasn't affected McAfee much but it foresees possible fallout in future if the current recession continues.

To tide over any potential future the company is aiming at fast paced growth and is looking at new products, partnerships and acquisitions as key drivers.

It also plans to bring in solutions that are designed to safeguard data centers based on virtualization technology, as one of the key areas for revenue generation.