Mozilla decides to release RC2 to drive the bugs away

Mozilla Corp. has decided to upgrade its Firefox 3.0 with second release candidate that enables it to fix almost 40 known bugs.

“There is a sufficient need to produce new release candidate”, said Mike Beltzner, chief developer from Mozilla and he also mentioned that the official launch of RC2 is scheduled in mid of June.

Out of 40 bugs Mozilla RC2 is testing with, almost one fourth are the modifications in browser's localized versions.

One of the bug which will only affect the Linux systems was noticed after a critical blog post by Jason Clinton from Kansas City who mentioned that the company was not providing adequate support to open source systems.

However Jason later appreciated the efforts of Mozilla which as the developers, posted two possible solutions for the issue.

This apart, Mozilla is planning to launch its new version Firefox 3.1 by the end of this year.