Royal Mail Signs Logica CMG To Provide Business Intelligences Services

The Post Office has signed a five year contract with Logica CMG to help it in implementing two new Business Intelligence systems which is part of its new drive to boost profitability and how the Post office reacts to changes in the market.

Logica will supervise the implementation of two new information management products, Master Data Management (MDM) and Dynamic Intelligence Warehouse (DIW), marketed by Business Intelligence firm Kalido and these will replace the Post Office existing Business Intelligence systems.

The MDM will manage all the Post Office's reference data such as the price of insurance and stamps while the DIW platform will hold information about the number and types of products sold on a daily basis in the thousands of Post Office outlets across Britain.

The new systems are expected to bring "major improvements in consistency, efficiency and access to information" while allowing them to "move away from our previous disparate systems by having integrated, standardised methodology, resulting in up-to-date reporting processes and information".