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2TB hard disk drives and SSD on Seagate's 2009 Roadmap

We're still in H1 2008 but some companies are already looking forward to 2009 and beyond; Seagate's CEO, Bill Watkins, has already announced that 2009 will be the year when the storage giant will launch its first Solid State Drive as well as a huge 2TB hard disk drive.

Seagate is already looking ahead to a SSD-powered future and is mulling plans to either enter a strategic partnership with a flash manufacturer or build its own fab to churn out millions of SSDs.

With the demise of Hybrid SSD/HDD and the accelerating pace at which companies like Samsung are introducing higher SSDs capacity, it was only a matter ot time before Seagate announced its entry in the solid state segment.

Bets are on as to whether Seagate will be buying an existing NAND flash manufacturer; something that would bring in not only precious experience but also customers and an established market presence.

While Watkins agrees that SSD prices are just not competive with hard disk drives, there seems to be a particular market that would benefit from the power and performance qualities of SSD technology even if it comes at a price.

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