Akamai First state of Internet Report Now Available To All

Akamai released their ‘State of the Internet Report’ on May 29, which evaluates the current condition of the World Wide Web on the basis of several parameters such as broadband penetration, security, and speed.

However, it was the measurement of speed that has attracted the most attention; Akamai has analyzed broadband speeds not only as ‘fastest countries’ but also as ‘fastest states’; according to the calibration, a speed of 2Mbps or more is ‘broadband’ and that greater than 5Mbps is ‘high broadband’.

Although the report summarizes Akamai’s data only for the first three months of 2008, a comparison of broadband connectivity in various countries and U.S. states forms the longest section.

According to the report, South Korea is way ahead of the rest of the world, and in the US, it is the state of Delaware that has the fastest broadband connections.

This is the first time that Akamai has given access to such extensive data to the general public; earlier, the access was restricted to Akamai customers only.

Moreover, David Belson, Director of Market Intelligence, Akamai, said that the company will now release such quarterly overviews that will indicate the events and trends that affect the Internet.