Google Releases Prototype Of Android Platform

The Internet search giant, Google, unveiled a version of its new open-source mobile phone platform, Android

Though the Google people remained as silent as ever, it is rumoured that the development of the Android will be complete by the end of 2008.

The phone does not yet look like a complete and sophisticated model but bears an eerie resemblance to Apple Inc.’s iPhone with its chrome and glass exterior, touch screen, Webkit-based browser, ability to switch between multiple desktops by sliding a finger across the screen, and four-icon dock for favorites; some people even thought that the handset looked very similar to the development handset HTC Dream.

However, Android has its own share of interesting features; for instance, the phone is unlocked not by using a password but by drawing a shape on the touch screen.

Further, Android will use Google Maps in conjunction with GPS in order to inform the user of the direction he is facing, like a compass does.

This event clarified one thing for sure— once the Android is released, the world of mobile phones will move at a significantly enhanced pace toward becoming a world of mobile computers.