If it seems too cheap, it probably is...

I'm indebted to the Grauniad for pointing out that price comparison sites that point punters at the cheapest price for a given item don't always vet the sites they refer to.

It seems that a Web site called Householduk.co.uk has been making (ahem) a few mistakes when it comes to charging punters cards for goods that are not delivered.

The Web site appears to registered to a Mr Bashir, who - if the paper is to be believed - lives in a bedsit.

Some customers report having their cards charged for as much as ten times what they've agreed to, and still not getting their goods.

Trading standards, as you might expect, is investigating the site and its owner.

Punters, meanwhile, should be okay if they paid by credit card. If they paid by debit card, however, they could be up the creek without a paddle.

Ah, the joys of t'Internet...