New Apple Mac OS X Leopard Update Concentrates On Security Issues

Apple Inc. recently released Mac OS X 10.5.3, which is an important update to the Mac OS X Leopard with respect to security.

According to the company sources, this update includes many fixes that will improve the compatibility, security, and stability of Mac computers; further, they recommend that the users of this mac operating system install this update on their computers at the earliest.

As mentioned earlier, the most important component of these updates is the security fixes that would prevent hackers from taking advantage of the loopholes in Apple software and open source applications that accompany the Mac operating system.

These fixes include patches that will prevent the hackers from running malicious code on Mac computers through specially designed web-based Flash content and movie files.

Further, upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.3 will also update Adobe Flash to version, thereby preventing hackers from benefiting from the vulnerabilities reported in earlier Flash versions.

According to some senior technology consultants, it would be wise for businesses and home users of Mac to upgrade their operating system with these latest patches in order to avoid potential hacker attacks on their computers although this means a 420MB download per computer.