Tesco signs a £100m VoIP deal with Cable and Wireless

Supermarket Behemoth Tesco has signed a five year contract worth £100m with Cable and Wireless to upgrade their telecommunications network and bring in support for VoIP phones.

Tesco is expected to save north of £10m per year by offering a number of novel features which the supermarket expects will boost efficiency within the company, slash telecommunication costs and improve existing work processes.

Staff would be able to work away from their desk using mobile VoIP phones while inhouse staff could advise customers on the best items to buy via remote video conferencing.

More than 400,000 Tesco staff spread across 1800 sites in 14 countries will be connected by a single IP mesh and will offer speeds of up to 10mbps, 40 times faster than their existing speeds, thanks to Cable & Wireless' Multi Service Platform (MSP).

14 companies were involved in the initial tender process.

In related news, Cable and Wireless had put forward a £322m bid for communication provider Thus, a 30 percent premium over its shares.