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Will your computer room survive the summer?

The first place companies will feel the heat when summer (opens in new tab) arrives will be in their computer room or data centre.

Most computer rooms and data centres are built with cooling systems to keep internal temperatures safely below 220C.

However, a sudden spike of summer heat can put an extraordinary strain on these systems and for every degree centigrade increase in external temperature above the average, the risk of a data centre ‘melt down’ will increase by about 5%.

These percentages soon stack up against the unprepared data centre manager and many could find themselves having to take quick action to keep their computer rooms and data centres functioning.

However, with some simple planning, steps can be taken today to stop the panic and minimise the impact of a sudden heat spike.

All too often, a company’s computer room or data centre has evolved from a couple of PCs in a cupboard into business critical system and it is worth making the business think about the consequences of losing an application on a server for any length of time.

After all a well run, functional and efficient computer room or data centre is essential for a business’ success, and for its survival.

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