Google launched ‘Android App Store’, Mimicks Apple's One-Stop Shop For All Applications

It is speculated that Google’s iPhone look-alike Android will have a one-stop shop for all types of applications from a variety of vendors.

Although this so-called ‘Android store’ is not yet confirmed, if this idea turns into reality, it will be easier for mobile phone users to purchase the applications they want on their phones and for developers to put their applications up for sale.

Andy Rubin, Android Project Lead, said at the Google I/O developer conference that such a store will be of great benefit to the Android users as they will then have a safe and secure place to go and buy the applications of their choice.

In addition developers will be paid directly by the store’s billing system for all their hard work in developing the applications.

Rubin also said that the team’s job would not be complete until it provides a way in which developers can efficiently distribute their applications and reach out to a wider segment of the market.

Ironically, if Google does provide the Android Apps Store, there is no guarantee that the Apps Store or any of the other Google applications will show up on the Android phones; for instance, a user may choose to replace all Google applications with Yahoo! Applications.