Green IT Expo 2008

Barbican Exhibition Centre, London, UK, 4th and 5th of November 2008

Green IT Expo 2008 is the UK's first free-to-attend showcase of sustainable computing practices and IT solutions, brought to you in association with the WWF's global Climate Savers Computing Initiative, DEFRA, Forrester, AMR Research, IBM, Carbon Smart, Action Sustainability and the Green Economics Institute.

Over the past three decades, Information Technology has grown to become an indispensable business tool for all types of organisation around the globe. Digital solutions will undoubtedly play a key role in the race to prevent global warming - but the proliferation of datacentres, desktop equipment and mobile technology is also having a significant environmental impact.

To make sure that technology does not become a net contributor to the problem, the IT industry and end-user communities now need to focus on minimising the resources consumed by manufacturing, running and disposing of IT equipment whilst working together to realise its huge potential to deliver more sustainable business practices in the future.

Green IT Expo provides a unique chance to get your own IT strategy in order and learn about the significant opportunities emerging from the new wave of sustainable computing techniques.

This free educational forum is brought to you by Revolution Events, one of the UK's leading providers of focused business events - using the same seminar-driven format as our market-leading eWorld and Inbox / Outbox forums.

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