Microsoft To Launch New Service Platform Called Echoes

In order to attract the telecom sector and an increased number of users, Microsoft Corp. has come up with Echoes; an innovative service that will integrate Windows Live Messenger with over-the-air syncing of the user’s address books.

According to Mary Joe Foley, Microsoft has devised this idea in order to extend its Windows Live Messenger and other services to telecom carriers.

Foley says that this new service platform will provide a wide range of services to its Windows Live users, including a common network address book, simultaneous ringing, SMS in/out messaging, click-to-call, single sign-in, and more.

Foley also mentioned that Microsoft plans to launch Echoes with Windows Live Messenger version 9.0 later this year.

Once Echoes is launched with the Live Messenger, none of us would need a phone number; Echoes will assign a local phone number to each Windows Live contact, and via its Address Book sync capabilities, it will insert the new contacts into the user’s mobile phone; the user will then be able to send an SMS or place a voice call to these contacts.

With Echoes, Microsoft may further extend the reach of the Internet in the telecom sector.