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US Commerce Secretary’s Laptop May Have Been Compromised During 2007 China Trip

US Commerce Secretary’s Laptop May Have Been Compromised During 2007 China Trip

The US Commerce Department is currently investigating whether the security of Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez’s laptop was breached when he visited Beijing in December 2007

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation regarding whether hackers, official and unofficial, in China were responsible for the 2003 power blackouts in Florida and the northeastern states of the US.

Amidst all these doubts and investigations has come up another issue - the US Department of Commerce now thinks that the Commerce Secretary’s laptop was hacked into when he accidently left it unattended for some time during his trip to Beijing in December last year.

Unnamed sources have claimed that Chinese agents took the opportunity to copy certain specific files or maybe even image the entire hard drive when Gutierrez mistakenly left his laptop ‘lying around’ for some time.

If this is true, the Department of Commerce officials believe that the hackers would then have sufficient information to hack into a variety of the US government websites and create havoc.

They are now investigating this issue; however, one question that does come to the mind is that why would someone like the Commerce Secretary leave his laptop unattended in a foreign country if the computer had so much important information?

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