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Who touched my data? Use Auditing Services

An audit trail that tracks the comings and goings of all staff is a legal requirement in some areas of business, and is plain good practice in the rest.

However, it only gives data centre operators the security of being able to trace who did what, where and when.

More useful are the procedures that can be put in place to minimise the chances of an attack in the first place.

However, vulnerability to a malicious attack is not just from inside the data centre.

While most data centres have protected ducts into the building, most staff will know where the connection chamber to the network is outside the building.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to ask staff why they are accessing the data centre. In the good old days of mainframes, this was normal procedure – staff entering the data centre completed a log with the date, time and reason for entering (and again entered the time of leaving).

Today, there is technology that can replace the log, but who uses it?

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