Broadband Speeds in London Twice As Fast Than In Northern Ireland

A survey released by Independent Broadband website provided with a rare map of Broadband UK; 138,000 speedtests from registered users, representing 6,000 postcodes, were collected over a period of 18 weeks.

It showed that the average download speed in the UK, based on this set of data, is approximately 3.24mbps, with London leading th way in terms of download speeds with an average broadband line achieving 4.46mbps compared to Northern Ireland's 2,26mbps.

Urban areas normally performed better than their rural counterparts due mainly to shorter telephone landlines and the lack of cable broadband services.

Talking to the BBC, the editor of, Andrew Ferguson said : "This survey shows us rural Britain may have a higher proportion of broadband homes but those homes are getting a slower service."

Although there are around 13 million broadband lines in the UK right now, most of them are low speed internet packages - 2mbps or less - with 10mbps or more services only starting to become affordable.