IBM Rational To Jazz Up Its Products

On June 2, the Rational Software unit of IBM presented 20 products at its IBM Rational Software Development Conference in Orlando that would use the company’s new collaboration technology, Jazz, for development teams having members dispersed across offices and countries.

IBM also announced that the Jazz will eventually be integrated into the entire range of Rational products.

Dave Locke, from IBM Rational, said that the products incorporating the company’s new Jazz technology will be in the market by the end of 2008 and each of these have been tested by about 15,00 people who accessed the new technology since the time IBM launched its Jazz community in January 2008.

The company said that Jazz will follow the model of the IBM Eclipse open-source development that the company had built and launched and then converted into a community-based open-source model.

Many of IBM’s partners, including Cast Software, CM-Logic, Black Duck Software, iRise, Mainsoft, WebLayers, and Ravenflow also declared their support for Jazz and said that they will be working in sync with IBM to develop products that will use this new collaboration technology.

The 20 products that would be supporting Jazz include 11 products from IBM partners and some new and upgraded products from IBM.