Mobile Internet access on a plane - coming soon

It looks as though all investment that airlines are making to allow mobile punters to use their phones in the air is going to pay off in terms of giving laptop users access to the Net whilst in flight.

Intelsat has announced it is teaming up with Panasonic Avionics to develop the necessary software to operate the new Panasonic eXConnect service, which is coming real soon.

The system will use Intelsat's GlobalConnex network broadband service - which is available via the firm's 53 satellites - and which is already used for airline data services, as well as mobile phones on planes.

The firms say that the speed will be comparable to that seen on WiFi networks on the ground, but I'm guessing it will be at the lower end more than higher, so 100 Kbps will be the norm.

But hey - on a plane, and likely at sensible rates? Great.

Now I wonder if the service supports VOIP...