Sony Prepares Mini Laptop to Compete With EEE, Wind, Aspire One

There's a scramble going on as to what company is going to launch the successor to the widely popular Asus EEE PC Laptop; Sony is also reluctantly joining in with an unnamed sub-laptop which is said to be based on the Via OpenBook Platform.

Sony has a long history of using underpowered processors to power its minuscule laptops; a few years ago, it launched a range of Vaio ultra-laptops using the Transmeta Crusoe CPU which was slower than a Pentium III 700MHz.

A video made by PC Advisor shows a small but rather thick laptop which sports a VIA 1.GHz C7-M processor, a VX700 chipset, a 8.9-inch 1024x600 px screen, 1GB RAM and a 60GB hard disk drive.

Obviously, there's no space for an optical drive and although this is a prototype (no Sony badge on it), it is still a major boost for VIA after HP also used the processor in its 2133 sub-laptop.

The Sony mini laptop is expected to be manufactured by Quanta and ready to ship by the end of this year.

The launch of such a product from the Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer represents a true change of heart; back in February 2008, they expressed their nervousness openly when talking about the market being flooded by cheap laptops.