Toshiba Plans To Upscale Its DVD Players

Japanese news site, Yomiuri has reported that sources at Toshiba say that the company plans to launch a DVD player that would be able to upscale the SD DVDs to 1080p HD.

Although upscaling a standard-definition image to a high-definition one is not innovative, Toshiba might just come up with the best way to do so; if you remember the time when Toshiba supported the HD DVD format, it marketed its HD DVD player as the best player and in fact won a lot of appreciation for the quality of its upscaling technology.

The company has already launched the concept of ‘super-resolution’ imagery, which is again nothing but SD content upscaled to 1080p; however, the company says that its technology is superior to that of its competitors, such as the DVP-NS708H by Sony, since it has used an interpolation algorithm for the upscaling.

Further, the source at Toshiba said that the new DVD player will be promoted as one that can play a considerably broader array of content than that is currently available through Blu-ray.

It is speculated that Toshiba will launch its upscaled DVD player by December 2008, and most probably, it will not be Blu-ray compatible.