US Pay-TV wars exposed in the news

Fascinating to read an interview with pay-TV guru and uber-tech-mensch Chris Tarnovsky on the Net following his effective acquittal of being involved in a hacking case against DirecTV.

Tarnovsky was accused around five years ago of hacking the DirecTV network on behalf of his former employer, a Rupert Murdoch firm, by allegedly cracking the cards for the system.

What's intriguing is that, buried in the interview, Tarnovsky reveals that he was involved in hacking UK Sky cards for the US military forces stationed in Germany.

This confirms suspicions I've had for some time that the Sky TV digital system has been cracked for some time, as I've seen a couple of dealers in Europe offering cracked cards for around the 200 euro mark.

Of course, using the cards in the UK would be a serious crime and, quite frankly, isn't worth the risk involved. But it does prove that what BSkyB claims - i.e. that it's card systems is impregnable - is

not always 100 per cent accurate. Allegedly.

The Tarnovsky interview makes for great reading if you're into satellite TV reception. All credit to Wired for a non-tech-jargon piece. Check it out here...