Windows Live Messenger to Offer Facebook Services

Microsoft in a new sign of its increasing closeness with Facebook has added a Facebook Updates tab to its Windows Live Messenger service.

With this integration, Live Messenger users in the UK will be able to log into their Facebook accounts from the messenger window simply by clicking on the Facebook Updates tab on the left side of their Live Messenger window; they will not need to download or install any additional software in order to use this integration.

Once they click on this tab, users will be able to change their status on Facebook, browse through photos, and invite their Facebook buddies to join them on the Live Messenger; they will also be able to message, poke, or write on their friends’ wall

Some say that this integration is a response to the messaging service that Facebook released last month; however, most believe that since the time Microsoft bought a 1.6% stake in the social networking site for $240 million, the two have been moving closer.

Since that deal, the two companies have widened their advertising networks and rumours have it that Microsoft is now considering an acquisition of Facebook, especially after its unsuccessful bid for Yahoo.