802.11N - still no ratification in sight

It's been more than a year since I noticed that more and more high-end WiFi kit started supporting the 802.11n proposed standard, with some pundits predicting that 802.11g was going to go the same way as the 802.11b standard - i.e. becoming a backwards compatible standard.

Well, here we are a year later - and several years after the 802.11n proposal was first created - and nothing has happened.

Simon Brew has been writing about this apparent impasse over on the ITPro Web site and, like me, he's noticed a rising tide of n-compatible kit on reseller's shelves - even though the standard hasn't been formally agreed as a standard yet!

Having said that, the 802.11g proposal took four years to become a atandard, but the foot-dragging situation with 802.11n is getting a bit tedious, especially since IT security vendors are reluctant to support the n provision until it is agreed as a standard.

Check out more on Simon's excellent article here: