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Carphone Warehouse Joins Micro Laptop Revolution And Gives Them Free

Telecommunication bulldozer Carphone Warehouse will give out ultra small laptops to its customers who buy mobile phones on a monthly contract; the laptops will be exclusively provided by education specialist Elonex.

Earlier this year, the firm released the Elonex one which proved to be a less than stellar attempt to beat the original EEE PC laptop at its own game; it is now back with the WebBook which looks more promising.

PC Advisor and Cnet both published specifications of the laptop which has yet to appear on Carphone Warehouse or Elonex's website.

The (only) picture of the laptop appear to be a mock up rather than an image of the real thing; it shows a sleek enclosure - which looks terribly like a Dell's - with a 10.2-inch LCD monitor which should be capable of displaying 1024x600 pixels, a rather well laid keyboard and a touchpad with buttons neatly placed below the touch surface - rather than on the sides as for some like the MSI Wind.

The 1.3Kg laptop will also come with a 1.6GHz processor - our bet is on a VIA CPU - 512MB memory, twin card readers (a welcomed addition if that is confirmed), three USB ports, WiFi and a choice of either Windows or Linux, solid state or hard disk drive as well.

Carphone Warehouse is already dishing out free full-sized laptops with unlimited download allowances or with their mobile phone contracts and the Elonex WebBook is a welcomed addition.

It has also already announced that it will propose other versions of the laptop in the forthcoming months and it has yet to announce whether the device will be available alone.

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