Facebook users would switch banks for Web 2.0 services, says survey


Polling Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 34, the survey also determined that nearly half of those asked would take advantage of secure Web 2.0 gadgets for online banking.

The survey was carried out by WorkLight, a US-based vendor of server products that allow organisations to use Web 2.0 tools securely.

The survey found that 25–34 year olds seemed slightly more open to the idea of Web 2.0 banking, with 53% saying they would take advantage of the service, compared to 45% for 18–24 year olds. It also found that 25–34 year olds (33%) are more likely to switch to another bank that offered Web 2.0 gadgets for online banking than 18–24 year olds (21%).

David Lavenda, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at Worklight, said: “To lose a quarter of your customers to competitors who have provided secure Web 2.0 banking would bear a significant impact on existing business.”