Microsoft Extends XP Deadline For Low-cost PCs

Microsoft offered some respite to computer makers at Computex Trade show, as the company has further extended the availability of Windows XP, for its inclusion in the low-cost laptops and desktop PCs.

Microsoft has conceded this demand in the wake of new emerging class of PC users, for whom affordability is the prime concern.

There was continuous demand from the market for a new OS which is apt for the low-cost PCs as Windows Vista is probably too heavy on these low-cost devices.

Previously, the last date for obtaining XP license for both low-cost desktops and laptops was 30th June, which is now extended to 2010.

Microsoft mentions that this extension is mainly done for "nettops", a term coined by Intel to describe the low-cost desktops which can perform general functions like emailing and web-surfing.

There is still an ambiguity regarding the checks Microsoft has applied in preventing the makers in installing XP on efficient PCs, as it has not yet specified the hardware configurations for the installation of XP.