Sniff Brings Social Networking Offline

SNIFF or Social Network Integrated Friend Finder has been launched in UK by Useful Networks, a company based in America keeping in mind the question “Where are you” which is asked quite often on mobile phones.

This useful service enables your friends and loved ones to trace your location without calling you on your phone.

Stating the advantages of this service, Brian Levin, its CEO said that this service is in no way going to replace the traditional functions of calling or messaging but will exist side by side as an added benefit to the existing mobile phone services.

The technology behind this service is similar to what police has been using for years while tracking missing children via their mobile signals.

A map is delivered to the mobile phone of the inquirer by this technology providing the location of the closest hundred metres.

The minds behind this innovative idea also made it clear that this service can work only if the one being sought wishes to be found.

If one has agreed to be found through this tracking device, and yet wants to maintain his privacy at a given point of time, the option to appear “invisible” is always available.

The users can register themselves on SNIFF through the various social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook and My Space. For every search all you need to do is pay just 50 pence.