T-Mobile Hands Out USB Modem Sticks In A Bid to Boost Mobile Broadband

Popular broadband and phone operator T-Mobile is currently offering to its customers with a monthly subscription, a sleek USB modem stick.

The USB modem stick allows the user to access internet from any place that has 3G network.

The price for the USB Modem Stick is based on the airtime of the customer, the various airtime schemes range from 19.99 pounds to free giveaways.

The distribution of USB Modem Stick is a bid to increase mobile Broadband users for T-Mobile amidst the increasing competition.

Prior to the USB Modem Stick, T-Mobile, was giving a USB dongle to its customers. The new pink and black colored USB stick is said to be T-Mobile’s tiniest broadband device.

The modem supports HSDPA/HSUPA which allows downloads and uploads at high-speed for the computer. The USB Modem Stick is a breeze to use and is compatible with both PC and Mac.

A special feature of the USB Modem Stick is that it has a ‘Future proof’ guarantee, so that customers do not have to change or upgrade it in the near future

Best part about this device is that it requires no installation. All that is required of the customers is to plug it in the USB port of their laptops.