UK University Offers Lectures On Apple iTunes

The idea of putting up lectures on to iTunes for free download has been going on in the US for some time now, however recently the universities of UK have also decided to follow the suit.

Universities like the Open University, University College London and Trinity College Dublin are providing their students with audio and video materials on iTunes service for download to their computers or iPod.

The services include recordings of some of the lectures from leading academics.

The idea is to make learning more mobile, giving the students flexibility, and a feeling of personalized learning regardless of the current educational level of the student.

The service allows the students to go through a lecture again so they can learn on the go.

The University College London believes that the iTunes service will appeal to students that are “techno-literate”.

Many universities have their own podcasts but the iTunes platform gives them wider audience as a result a wider public audience can make use of the information.

The lectures are be available on iTunesU launched by Apple in the summer of 2007.