US TV newsman under investigation in hacking case

It seems that the FBI is investigating a Philadelphia TV newsman for the suspected hacking of his Newsline colleague's computer system.

It's not like the the BBC TV news over there in Philly it seems.

The FBI says it has raided the home of KYW-TV anchor Larry Mendte, seizing a computer and related equipment.

His fired co-anchor, Alycia Lane, says she began to suspect that her private e-mails were being accessed and forwarded to gossip olumnists. Sounds good - tell us more -Ed.

Lane's lawyer is quoted as saying that Mendte had been jealous over her popularity and ratings.

He says there was no question that she was rising faster than he was, lthough, with a salary of $700,000, she earned more than he did.

Whaaaaat? 350 grand for fronting an evening TV news bulletin? I'm in the wrong

business dude...