Vodafone’s 500MB of free data – not free!

It seemed to be good news all round when, on the 1st of May, Vodafone announced that 500MB of data was being bundled into their tariffs, completely free of charge.

So being a cynic, on the 2nd of May I contacted Vodafone who confirmed that all existing contract customers were being upgraded automatically, and they would no longer be billed £7.50 for 120MB. Unfortunately that was rubbish!

Last week Vodafone’s on-line billing system was malfunctioning and when it came back on-line I discovered that Vodafone are charging customers £7.50 for 500MB.

Being charitable, I assume the call centre staff had been misinformed and the promotional SMS they sent out was in error.

What ever the reason, check your bill and contact Vodafone to change tariff if you don’t want to waste £90 a year.