Broadband Dongle War : Virgin, Tesco, Vodafone and Others vie for market share

Mobile Virtual Network Operators are bracing themselves for a baking summer as newcomers threaten to topple the leaders of the nascent broadband dongle market by the end of the year.

According to some reports, more than 100,000 such devices are sold per month and this has attracted the likes of Virgin, Tesco, Asda and others.

Virgin is already looking to use mobile broadband as a way to increase its user base to more than four million and Mobile Today has revealed that T-Mobile, which already provide the network for its Virgin Mobile, would certainly be providing the dongle and the back end technology.

It is highly possible that Virgin Media decides to go forth with UK's first five-play offer combining mobile and landline broadband, landline phone, mobile phone and TV.

In related news, 3 has become the first mobile phone company to bundle a USB modem with a mobile phone package with a £27 1100 minutes Mix and Match offer.