CSR Shoves Multiple Radio Function Into One Bluetooth Chip

Wireless Component Manfuacturer CSR has introduced the Bluecore 7, the world’s first device that integrates including the low-energy and standard Bluetooth version, FM radio and Enhanced GPS (E-GPS).

The support for Enhanced GPS is probably the most important addition for which the cost claimed by the company is a mere $1 (above the Bluecore's cost).

This came as a good news for all network operators willing to introduce location based services (LBS) enabling the addition of GPS capability into the mid-tier handsets.

E-GPS is perceived to be better than A-GPS or Assisted GPS owing to its taking advantage of data link as well as cellular triangulation.

This enables the working of LBS inside a building owing to the storing of your position.

The provision for FM support is enabled through a high +4.5 dBm power which is provided by CSR for making it possible for the designers to install inside the casing, an internal FM antenna.

Bluecore 7 silicon is already available and the first batch of products using it is expected appear in the first quarter of 2009.