Estonia calls on international community to tackle cybercrime

It's kind of ironic that Estonia, one of the smallest countries in Europe, although one that is extraordinarily Internet-savvy, is calling on the rest of Europe - and the world - to tackle the problem of cybercrime.

Speaking at an OECD event earlier this week, the Estonian defence minister Jaak Aaviksoo said that any actions aimed at crippling the Internet should be condemned globally, and all countries should support international agreements, such as the European Council's Convention on Cybercrime.

Aaviksoo added that Estonia has led the fight against cybercrime since attacks last year - that it blamed on Russia - seriously affected its economy because so much of it depends on t'Internet.

Interesting. I don't think Estonia will get anywhere with its plea, since these OECD events are more hot air than anything. Still, at least it shows that the country is putting up a fight against Russia.