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iPod touch 8GB, only £169 from Apple

The New iPod touch is going to revolutionalise your music/video experience. With a touch interface and panoramic screen based on the iPhone it is not only going to look sexy but feel sexy to use.

Don't forget, it also has a WiFi connection. You can use this to access Google, Yahoo! Search and of course the millions of vides on sites such as YouTube.

The iPod Touch has a fantastic 3.5" panoramic screen which is great for viewing films, TV programmes, photos, album covers and at just 8mm thick will slip into your top pocket.

Listen to your favorite music. Watch movies, iTunes movie rentals, and videos. Catch up on TV shows. Flick through photos. With iPod touch, you can bring it all along for the ride.

Surf the web and send email while walking down the street. Get directions, check the weather, follow stocks, and more. With Wi-Fi, the Internet goes wherever you go.

This refurbished iPod Touch comes with Apple's (opens in new tab) own One year warranty as well as free delivery, all for £169.

Current Software Release
Multi-touch display with full QWERTY soft keyboard
Safari web browser
Email access
Built-in Wi-Fi
Holds up to 1,750 songs
Up to 22 hours of music playback
Up to 5 hours of video playback
4.2 ounces
4.3 x 2.4 x 0.31 inches
Apple Earphones
USB cable
Dock adapter

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