LG's KF600 TV Ad 'Promotes' Dangerous Driving Says ASA

The recent ad campaign launched by LG for promoting KF600 mobile is in the eye of a storm owing to the Advertising Standards Authority's (ASA) criticism of its approach that promotes dangerous driving.

The controversial ad features a woman in a car caught in the middle of a severe traffic jam.

As the woman touches her handset's bottom screen as shown in the handset's close-up, the image rotates and the ad focuses on the woman who is seen in a boat.

The ad depicts many other scene changes during which the voiceover and the onscreen text is shown to be stating 'Moodswing? Modeswing!'

The ASA was contacted by a number of viewers who voiced their concerns about the ad which was seen as promoting dangerous driving owing to its depiction of mobile phone usage while driving.

The company in question argued that such kind of a depiction was unintentional as all the mood related scene changes triggered by the phone were being 'imagined' by the woman.

ASA counter argued that the sequence of the scenes gave an impression that the phone was being used by the woman while she was driving and banned the airing of the ad in its present form.