Qualcomm Aims At Turning Mobile Phones Into Mini Laptops

Mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm will be producing key components to power mini laptops, riding on the success of the Asus EEE laptop; however, one big difference will be that the yet-to-be-named laptops will be using ARM processors rather than Intel based ones.

This means that they will resemble blown-up personal digital assistants rather than shrunken laptops and Inventec, rather than Quanta, will be the one manufacturing them.

PC World, who first broke the news, also mentions that the laptops will offer inbuilt 3G internet access although it is yet to be seen whether Wi-Fi will be included or not.

There's also persisting rumours that Windows Mobile 7 could be used to power mobile internet devices like Qualcomm's which means they won't be able to run applications designed for more traditional Windows platforms.

That said, Linux would also be a prime candidate and Android, as well as LiMo platforms, would potentially be the chosen ones.

Qualcomm is hoping that mobile phone manufacturers will start building (and selling) mini-laptops with its Snapdragon chipset build in; already many manufacturers like Mio, HTC and Samsung are considering building appliances using this building block.