Vodafone Slashes Price of USB Broadband Dongles To Improve Sales

Vodafone has come up with an all new half priced broadband dongle to make your web surfing economical. The price of the dongle has been reduced from £99 to £49 by the mobile operator

The best thing about the dongle is that, as compared to other broadband services, not only is it pocket friendly but it’s quick too.

Vodafone broadband dongle offers 7.2mbps speed for downloading along with uplink speeds of up to 2mbps.

Reports suggest that the device is aimed at providing quick Internet browsing and also facilitates instant access along with uninterrupted downloading ability.

A press release proclaimed that this sleek, and light weighted USB stick can provide quick wireless Internet access both at home or outside with effortless ease.

The move initiated by Vodafone has dual benefits for the company as well as the customers.

The best news for the company is that the squeezed cost of dongle will drive more customers to Vodafone, thereby making it one of the most widely used Internet broadband connection.

On the other hand it will also push other service providers to come up with comparatively cheap Internet services.