Australia gets no-jargon cyber-threat alert services

Australia has become the first country to get a no-jargon cyber-threat alerting service that will be free to all comers.

The plain-English alerts service - Stay Smart Online - is being provided by the Aussie Computer Emergency Response Team, and is targeted at home and small business users looking to secure their own PCs against rising levels of cyber-scams and fraud.

Announcing the new service in Canberra as part of Australia's national e-security awareness week, Aussie comms minister Stephen Conroy said that, whilst the Internet is both fascinating and useful, users must be smart when it comes to online safety.

"Because this is an area where there's a lot of jargon, and a lot of confusion, we want to send clear, simple messages on threats and vulnerabilities that people can act on," he said.

The service looks quite interesting and the good news is that it seems that anyone can sign up to the facility - even Brits!...