BBC1 Becomes The First Mainstream UK Channel To Be Live Online

The Beeb has announced that it will make BBC1 available on the web as from next year; the channel will be aired on the television and will also be web-streamed simultaneously.

It puts an end to the dependence on a television set for viewing the channel; this comes five months after the official launch of the iPlayer which has proved to be a success.

The iPlayer was launched to enable the viewers to catch up with the missed TV shows on BBC1 but now this new move will make it easy for them to catch the shows live with the video stream which is provided live online.

It is not something new for the corporation to stream content using the web as BBC3 and BBC News are already broadcasted on the internet but it is for the first time that a 'mainstream' channel will be broadcasted in this manner.

And you can always use iPlayer to get whatever you want to watch when you want to watch it.

Viewers will still have to pay a license fee whether they watch the programmes online or through traditional means and will probably be limited to an UK audience.

No launch date has been officially announced as of now but the channel will be made accessible to the viewers through sometime next year.