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How far can Vodafone be trusted?

To read that Vodafone investigated their most senior directors and non-execs comes as a bit of surprise considering the outrage caused from the 2005 HP scandal.

Oblivious to the potential damage, Vodafone (according to the Mail on Sunday) proceeded to spy on both Chairman Lord MacLaurin and CEO Sir Chris Gent, without doubt two of the most respected business leaders in the world.

Sarin’s cohorts evidently decided that corporate politics were above corporate probity and trawled far and wide for damaging information on the other directors, including Penny Hughes a non exec director and former president of Coca Cola. You couldn’t make this up.

Now that Vodafone are becoming a pseudo bank and holding extremely personal information with the acquisition of Zyb, can corporate and consumer alike really trust that Vodafone wont abuse their power?