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Manchester Plod go wireless with numberplate recognition

Now here's a little something for anyone with a devious mind (like yours? - Ed). It seems that the Plod in Manchester has deployed an automatic numberplate recognition (ANR) system around the city using Metronet wireless as the communications medium.

Metronet's wireless service is a high-speed broadband facility that runs in the 5.8 GHz waveband using frequency-hopping technology to avoid interference such as that seen on regular WiFi channels.

You could, of course, install an utterly illegal 5.8 GHz waveband jammer, though it would have to radiate a lot of power, to block the Metronet wireless network and so cripple the CCTV cameras. Allegedly.

According to my local resident radio expert, however, the output of the jammer would be so great as to make a bloke temporarily sterile (nads-wise) in around 30 minutes and also cause other health issues within a few hours.

Safer to do what the residents of Upper Brook Street used to do when I was staying briefly in digs there back in the late 1970s - use false number plates to evade capture by the Plod.

Upper Brook Street - ah, I remember it well - the Plaza curry house where you could get a meat suicide for £2.95. Then pop into the Cyprus Tavern and drink until 5am. Don't even ask...

Happy days. Before the Plod got all this technology to assist it with its enquiries...