Mozilla launches Firefox Release Candidate 2 (RC2) for Public Preview

The long awaited Mozilla Firefox Release Candidate 2 (RC2) has been released; Though, as of now, it is made available for development testing, its final release is scheduled in mid-June.

Mike Beltzner, Vice President of engineering, has confirmed the release through a blog post, where he wrote “It includes new features, as well as dramatic improvements to performance, memory usage and speed.”

However, the introduction of RC 1 could stop the errors to appear and hence, Mike Beltzner, has clearly stated the indispensability of RC 2 release on a post at Mozilla's Google Group, on May 27.

RC 2 has significantly improved the memory usage, as it consists of an automated cycle collector which collects the broken memory cycles, and a memory allocator which checks the fragmentation.

It also stands out in security concern, as it is equipped with site information tools and web-forgery protection page, which checks the unauthorized access to your connection.

Various useful entities like cookies, bookmarks, history etc, are stored in a secured database, which secures the data from getting lost owing to system crash.