Quanta Delivers 3G iPhone Boxes To Apple As Speculation Mounts

It looks as if the chaps from Down under have already taken delivery of the soon-to-be-announced 3G iPhone (or so it seems) and there's even one picture to prove it (ed: err... it's actually a brown box with a logo on it).

MacTalk, Australia's Premier Macintosh Community, has the picture of a box with some hidden details but which clearly shows an NDA for next Tuesday and the Apple logo.

Appleinsider is also reporting that is currently building huge amounts of inventory of some sort of "electronic equipment" in Fremont, California, through its supplier, Quanta.

Late last month, Fortune reported that the Original Equipment Manufacturer delivered a whopping 188 ocean containers with the first ones shipped on March 19th which each one supposed to contain an average of 40,000 iPhone units.

From information gathered over the last few weeks, we can make some educated guesses: the phone is going to have an updated camera, will be 3G compatible, it will have a front facing camera and GPS capability.