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Remote Working Experience Backlash As Employees Worry About Future

A report commissioned by Microsoft over the impact of Remote Working found out that the proportion of firms that allow their employees to work outside the office (either teleworking or homeworking) had dropped substantially from 60 percent to just under half of firms surveyed.

While businesses are being urged to cut back on transport costs and office costs, many employees fear that working from home may alienate them and increase their job insecurity.

The research also highlighted the fact that senior managers are three times more likely tow work from home compared to other employees, leading to the conclusion that working outside the office could be seen as a hidden perk by some.

Worryingly, some companies - one in eight - actively discouraged remote working and only 10 percent of those queried said that they felt free to work remotely as part of their day to day job

Further research by CBS Outdoor showed that working away from the office could improve productivity dramatically and generate up to £9 billion for the UK economy.

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