Snow Leopard Spotted As Apple Reveals The Name Of Mac OS X 10.6

Apple has finally revealed the name for its Mac OS X 10.6. It will be called Snow Leopard; earlier it was rumored that Apple would be providing Snow Leopard to the developers at the WWDC 2008.

Now the information is that the operating system is to be launched in January 2009 at the Macworld 2009.

The Operating System is will be Intel only, thus the advent of Snow Leopard means the end of the road for PowerPC users.

Another rumor that is going around is that Apple may use its Cocoa in Snow Leopard rather than Carbon.

Snow Leopard is an intermediate upgrade, focusing more on speed and stability; don't expect any revolutionary features in the OS for now.

The move towards faster and more stable computers is deliberate as Apple is already entrenched in the market with smaller and compact mobile devices, which require a stable platform that can provide its users speedy services.