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Transform IT from a drudging cost into a genuine competitive advantage

Technology is the underlying factor for any company in the 21st Century. Whether its a small company with only three people or a large business with an IT dept, outsourcing to a specialist IT company not only ensures you don’t need a degree in IT to understand everything but also gives you access to the latest technologies and applications.

Ask a few key questions.

• Having trouble keeping IT systems and infrastructure up to date?

• Worried about compliance and security?

• Would like a reliable IT system?

• But most importantly need to reduce the cost of IT?

Then outsourcing to a specialist IT provider is the answer. When you turn on the lights you expect light! Well using a good IT provider should be the same, working in the background to relieve any stresses or worries regarding your IT.

But DO make sure it includes a programme of constant (planned) non-disruptive system updating and/or refreshing.

DON’T just expect a guarantee if something goes wrong.

DO check they have a specialist business application team that will build and manage any of applications whatever the size, for example receiving emails to mobiles through to online buying.

DO check reliability, ask for references.

Finally DON’T presume the latest technology updates will happen, check this is part of the package and how often.